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Home Tours Weekly Hill Tribe Market
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Amazing Two Day Trip to Remote Market
Tour Code: TKM-01
Duration: 2 days - 1 night

 Life in the market     Life in the market     Scenery on the way     Scenery on the way

This trip gives you a unique opportunity to visit an area few tourists will ever see.
DAY 1; Leave sapa in a private car and drive up a beautiful mountain road to the Silver Waterfall, which plunges down the mountain high above Sapa. From here, we will continue over the Tram Ton Pass, which is the highest pass in Vietnam at 2047m.
From the top of the pass, we proceed down along the Binhlu River valley to Tam Duong town where we’ll get out of the car and take a 2-hour trek to the village of the Red H’mong, where we’ll have lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch, we’ll get back in the car and drive through  verdant primary forest to Sin Ho and stay over night in a local hotel. This first day is a long one: We will have driven 120km and spent 6 hours including the trek.
DAY 2:
We’ll getup early and after breakfast we’ll walk to the Sin Ho Market. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting markets in all of NW Vietnam. You’ll be one of few (if any other) tourists. The amazing diversity of people, colors, crops, livestock, trade goods, food, and farm implements is almost too much to take in. Even more fascinating are the many different ethnic groups, which include little known minority tribes like the Pa Di, Tu Li as well as Black Dao, Red H’mong, and others who have all come from their surrounding villages. Everyone is dressed in their finest market day clothes and everyone is busy buying, selling, eating, seeing old friends (or for the young people – looking for new ones!)
After visiting the market now it time for you to get on the car to drive back to Sapa to continue your adventures in the mountains of the north or to Lao Cai for the night train to Hanoi.
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